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city girl~

Tin. 29. Filipina. Fangirl. Beach. Music. Movies. TV Series. Graphics Maker. Food Addict. Piggy & Tarsier Lover. Semi-vegetarian. Chocolate is LIFE. Cookie Monster. YA Novels. Moody. Quick-tempered. OC. Perfectionist. Thrill-seeker. Extreme Sports.

They color her world~

Asian: Jun Matsumoto. Miura Haruma. Kamenashi Kazuya. Sato Takeru. Jerry Yan. Joe Cheng. Lee Min Ho.

Non-Asian: Shia Labeouf. Tom Hiddleston. Ryan Gosling. Johnny Depp. David Beckham. Joseph Gordon Levitt. Chris Hemsworth. Ian Somerhalder. Roger Federer. Cesc Fabregas..... and a whole lot more!

What makes her sane~

Music [asian]: KAT-TUN. Arashi. Utada Hikaru. BigBang. Ayaka.

Music [non-asian]: Coldplay. Eminem. Adele. Bruno Mars. Muse. Linkin Park. Kings of Leon. Justin Timberlake. Eminem. Mariah Carey. Boyz II Men. The Corrs. Lifehouse. OneRepublic. The Cure. Jason Mraz. Foster the People. Florence and the Machine. Taylor Swift. The Temper Trap. Augustana. Foo Fighters. Mat Kearney. Maroon 5. The Fray. The Temper Trap. Walk the Moon.

T.V shows [asian]: HYD. Hana Kimi (JP). ISWAK. Nodame Cantabile. Nobuta Wo Produce. Goong. Gokusen. Meteor Garden. Boys Before Flowers. Bloody Monday.

T.V shows [non-asian]: The Big Bang Theory. The Vampire Diaries. The Originals. Supernatural. Pretty Little Liars. The Walking Dead. One Tree Hill. Chuck. Amazing Race. CSI. Friends. That 70's Show. Gossip Girl. The Flash. Arrow. How to Get Away with Murder. Empire. Once Upon A Time. Food Network. HGTV. Nat Geo.

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